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Will Magnetic Phone Mounts Affect Your Smartphone?

A considerable number of people are paranoid about magnetic phone mounts, the concerns are the magnetic fields of the neodymium magnets that make these holders will interfere with the smartphone operations such as signal strength and other connections. People are justified to question the effects of the magnet on their smartphone, the alarm about negative effects of the magnet is associated with early electronics that were highly vulnerable to magnetic fields, for example, CRT monitors and televisions pictures would get disfigured if you passed a strong magnetic field near them, however, current electronics have bee advanced and are barely responsive to an external magnetic field and not even to weak ones like those of neodymium magnets on the phone mounts. It is somehow clear that to days electronics are too advanced to be affected by magnetic fields, this is because even inside your smartphone there are some magnets that aid in a variety of operations of your phone, however, an external magnetic field may interfere with some minor functioning of your phone but they resume to normal once you remove your phone from the magnetic phone mount, it is wise to have a clear understanding of what is happening or will happen with your phone on the magnetic phone mount, to learn more about this continue reading the article.

The questions are, what are the real effects of magnets on smartphones? Like we have mentioned before the current technology has enabled engineers to innovatively develop less magnetic fields susceptible phones, given that there are several magnets inside smartphones that perform some important functions such as, magnetic wireless charging, compass among other things, it is, therefore, unlikely that your phone will be adverse affected by external magnetic fields. Though magnet will not destroy your smartphone, strong external magnetic fields affect the proper functioning of the integrated magnetic sensors that interfere with the efficient functioning of your digital compass consequently map app that relies on the digital compass to function properly, smartphone manufacturers recommend you keep your phone far from strong magnetic fields and avoid metal components inside your phone case.

Another serious concern with magnetic phone mounts is that they can clear smartphone data such as photos, emails, contacts, or any other data stored in the phone’s hard drive, this is impossible because of two main things, first, modern smartphones have memory chips that store data such as photos, videos and other important details unlike earlier models that used hard drives, second, you need an implausible strong external magnetic field to wipe clean the hard disk, and modern hard disks have neodymium magnets inside them that help the arm to write, erase and record data, therefore, it is not easy for a weak magnet like that of magnetic phone mount to erase your phone data. Those are some important information we thought you need to know about the magnetic phone mount.

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